Public Information Services

From media relations to marketing communications, Morrison Consulting, Inc. provides integrated public information services that engage your stakeholders from the start of the project.  As a woman-owned business and ESB and DBE certified, Morrison Consulting, Inc. has been serving small to large business and non-profit organizations in this area for more than 20 years.

These services include:

  • Public Information Plan
  • Dedicated telephone, voicemail, and email address
  • Phone and hotline calls and support (e.g., Stakeholders, CDOT personnel, etc.) and documentation
  • eMail support, webpage inquires, public meetings inquiries
  • Website development, updates, and/or maintenance
  • Site visits and/or attendance at weekly meetings (including monthly photography/videos of site)
  • Media relations (e.g., press releases, media releases, traffic advisories, tours, etc.)
  • Stakeholder meetings and maintaining “Stakeholder Contact List”
  • Weekly “Lane Closure Reports”
  • Public meetings, tours, and event management
  • Public information collateral and flyer creation