Customer Care

Do you continue to have issues responding to customer complaints and experience increasing call volumes, repeat calls, etc.? Are customer complaints being routed from one location to another with the customer experiencing multiple touch points?

Even with more tools and technology capabilities, research has shown that companies that do business online are doing a poor job of providing effective self-services.

Morrison Consulting, Inc. can provide an objective analysis and evaluation of your on and off line customer service initiatives to help you understand where issues exist and what action is needed to resolve the respective issue.

Morrison Consulting, Inc. has been implementing customer service infrastructures including eCommerce and self-help solutions for over 15 years. We work to review the interaction between a company and its customers and recommend areas for improvement.

Our focus is to contribute to a measurable improvement in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and increased revenue.

We offer the following Customer Service and Retention Services:

  • Customer Service Representative/Agent Evaluation and Training
  • Order Entry, Operational Review, and Analysis
  • Recommendation and Implementation of eCommerce and Self-Service Initiatives
  • Design, Implementation, and Management of Customer Satisfaction Surveys